Major Life Changes

Ready for a Relationship


Taking a break from dating is often a good idea when a person needs to make major life changes. They will not be influenced by a partner who may have their own needs, and they can concentrate on finding out what will be best for them. There should eventually come a time when they are ready for a relationship. It might be possible to reconnect with a former partner, or they could opt to meet someone new and completely different.

Major life changes are about what a person needs for their own happiness, so they can be difficult to share with a partner who is not a spouse. A better lifestyle for one person might be a disaster for another, and making compromises to please a partner could derail the entire exercise. It could leave the unhappy person in the same situation where someone else’s happiness has become more important than their own. This could lead to depression or at least a downward spiral into an eventual breakup.

Leaving behind a partner is generally not easy, but it should be done when happiness has been wiped away. A series of decisions in a relationship might seem reasonable at the time, but they could be the driving force behind the changes that need to be made. Many people fail to think about their own needs when they are in a relationship, but their happiness can be what makes a partnership with another person work.

Being ready for a new relationship means knowing what a person wants out of it, and they should not settle for anything less. It may be discouraging when they first begin dating again, but looking out for their own happiness first will make them a better partner if they enter a new long term relationship. Being able to find satisfaction in their own life provides them with the ability to help a partner feel the same.