Major Life Changes

Moving Home for Employment


Workers are often flattered when they are offered the opportunity to move to another country for work, but they might face resistance when they discuss it with their spouse. While it might be a great career move, it can have repercussions for the couple that will reach far into their future. The person who wants to get ahead with their company might find their opportunity will inhibit the career of their loved one, and resentment could become an issue between them.

Couples making the decision to move for work are often faced with a wide range of factors to consider, so each one will affect their decision. If there is comparable work for a spouse, it might be easy to grab the opportunity. A spouse who will be expected to set aside their own career during the time away might not be as willing, so they need to see opportunities. Time spent exploring a new culture might be a good inducement, or the opportunity to advance their education could be a good drawing point.

Discussion before an opportunity is presented might be the best way to avoid this type of major life change ruining an otherwise great relationship, so it is important to agree on the ground rules. Choosing a set of values to place on any offer is a good way to begin the conversation, and it can help avoid arguments in the future. Each person should outline their ideas of what a good move constitutes, and they should find common ground wherever possible. Doing it before an offer is made gives each partner a chance to express their hopes and fears in a less emotionally charged atmosphere.

Moving for a career can be a great way to climb the corporate ladder, but it should not be done at the expense of a spouse’s career. Each person in the relationship should have a say in their future, so agreeing before an offer is made is the best way to face their life challenge as a team.